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Since Yawara has a whimpy 28.8 link to the net, the user store their pages elsewhere! Here are some of them.

Armen Nakashian Aka DaCider, Fa, His Majesty
The Owner of Yawara, the SysAdm, and a great fellow
Mike Pepe Aka Lamune, Lamunade, Bozo
Some guy who likes to put things on my disk
Dan Hollis Aka Goemon, Mr. Clueless
Yawara's Hostname is provided by Goemon's machine sasami.
Neil Bada Aka The I diot
This guy likes to run anime clubs
Chris McComas Aka Cheif
This guy builds weapons of war out of potatos and PVC pipes
Wilson Chan Aka The Waiter
Wilson is this guy who wastes my bandwind.
Eugene Cheng Aka Left Brain(or was it right?)
This guy likes to run anime clubs AND conventions! He actually has a job too!
Clark Cheng Aka Right Brain(or was it left?)
This guy likes to run anime clubs AND conventions! Unlike his more successful brother, he just goes to college.
Ethan Forsythe Aka Riiya, Augustus
Originally a Cactus farmer, this guy wants to IRC while Bass fishing
Steve Pearl
A guy who likes anime a whole lot. He runs some Mailing Lists off of Yawara.

Yawara Chan, Go!
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