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Yawara's Vital Statistics

* Built by: AMD and ASUS.
* Processors: AMD K6/200mhz Room Heater
* Memory: 64 megabytes
* Disk Space: 2.5 gigabytes
* Operating System: Lunix 2.0, With Red Hat Linux Distribution
* Display: Sony Multiscan 17SFII, running at 1024x768 resolution @ 666hz
* Networking: TCP/IP Internet
* Networking Hardware: USRobotics Sportster V.34 28,800
* Console: MephistoSoft Natural Keyboard, Logitech Trackman MARBLE
* Attacks: OOuchigari! Ippon Zeoi!


Looking at pictures, running EmiClock , Software Development, WWW Server, Mail, News, IRC!, generating heat(Its a K6!), looking COOL (Its a K6!)

Benchmarks at: +300k Dhrystones


Yawara began her existence on a IBM 486SLC2/66 AKA 386SX/66. She wasn't very fast, or even much to look at, but she ran IRC very well. In October of 1995, Mike Pepe, who was working at Sams Club at the time, got me a great deal on a Packard Bell Pentium 100. The price: 100$! The catch: No CPU and no Memory!

After spending 2 years as a miserable Packard Hell, the most miserable excuse for a computer known to man, I turned Yawara into a self-built machine with an AMD K6/200 CPU. This thing is _FAST_. It matches an Inhell Pentium Pro at 200mhz, but costs half as much. Real bargain.

Yawara now goes real fast. In time she will become a slow piece of junk again (P100 got miserable once I started doing a lot of Java stuff), I'll upgrade her again. She might get slow, but Yawara can never be defeated!

Yawara Chan, Go!
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